Recently Google launched a 10 foot interface for Google Reader (their RSS reader app) and while its not specifically designed for Windows Media Center it will work in the UI

Martin Millmore of TunerFreeMCE fame has created a launched for the app so it will work in Windows Media Center.  Martin does say that there are a couple of issues around security but he workarounds for them.

Google Reader in Media Center works ok but the UI is more mouse based than remote control based but its useable and Martin’s app makes it easy to start from Media Center. I think that is interesting is that Google has decided its worthwhile creating a 10 foot UI so maybe this points to Google expecting more web based devices being connected to our TV?

The app is free and can be downloaded from Martin’s site


One thought on “GoogleReader for Windows Media Center”
  1. I figured out an easy way to add nearly any web app to Windows Media Center 7…in about 5 mins…

    I have a tutorial on YouTube that I just uploaded today. Funny, in the example I actually used Google Reader Play!

    I have found that this way is super-easy with Media Center Studio.


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