Ceton’s new CableCARD tuner is being eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and Ben Drawbaugh at Engadget HD has been able to get hold of one of the cards to take a look at with Windows Media Center. The InfiniTV 4 can record four channels at once and is an internal PCI-E card, in the review Ben walks through the Windows Media Center setup which will be familiar to Media Center users and looks at getting it connected. With the addition of a HDHomerun  Ben was able to record 6 channels at once without hitting the host PC to hard.

Priced at $400 Ben seemed impressed, there is still the pesky limitation (set by CableLabs) that all four tuners be paired to the same PC but overall it could be a good solution for enthusiasts. Checkout the full post on Engadget HD

What it really comes down to is that we love the InfiniTV 4. It works as advertised and really makes Windows 7 Media Center the best DVR there is (for cable subscribers). Whether you already have an ATI CableCARD tuner, or you’re thinking of switching over from an TiVo HD, we think this is a great upgrade. We think that this will be the device that makes Media Center become the DVR of choice for those who demand the best


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