Big Screen EPG by Remote gets more updates

Niall continues working on his remote scheduling app “By Remote”  (a remote EPG scheduling application) and over the last few days has added some interesting new features.

By Remote v0.5g now runs as a service so that you don’t need the machine logged on for the app to work and the previous build

By Remote v0.5f added scheduling features for webkit based mobile browsers (iPhone and Android) so unlike the previous version you can interact with the EPG

This is turning in to a very useful application for Media Center users and having spent some time developing for mobile browsers this week I know how tricky it can be

Sign up for the beta at /

Highlight(s) : By Remote is now deployed as a Windows Service (allowing for it to run in background when desktop user is not logged in) – and the Windows Deskop Application now works as a basic ‘Controller’ (for stopping/starting and configuring the service outside of Windows Services control panel). The installer has been enhanced to both install/deploy the Windows Service for you – but also presets the Windows 7 Firewall configuration rules for you (as you won’t get shown the Allow/Block dialog for a Windows Service).

Hightlight(s) : Now includes full support for XHTML Mobile Phones (ie. Windows Mobile and other phones not supported by WebKit/iPhone Version) – plus enables full scheduling actions for Mobile (v0.5e was ‘read only’). Additionally – several enhancements/fixes were made to the Silverlight UI (thanks to users for reporting and suggesting these changes).

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