Despite public objections the BBC are intending to go ahead with copy protection on Freeview HD. At the Freeview HD launch today the BBC said "copy protection is important" and that would look to have a limitation of one copy for some HD recordings. While I can understand they want to offer content makers protection all it will do is end up restricting the use of recordings and people will look for less legitiment ways of obtaining the content

There is an interesting response to the BBC’s consolation document which points out the flaws in the BBC’s plans but I doubt we will see them change their stance.


Still it would be nice if we had Freeview tuners for Windows Media Center, so far there are no solid release dates from any of the tuner manufactures (see this post)

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One thought on “BBC reaffirms HD DTT copy protection plan”
  1. Im still confused how this is exactly going to work for them or moreover be implemented. I think like most WMC / MythTV users, this seriously hurts the idea of place shifting, or in the case of WHS users , the TV Archive concept.

    But, i seem to remember a previous post during the BBC HD/corruption issue, from a BBC engineering type person, that the Beeb was no interested in supporting these type platforms.

    In principle I dont object to any copy protection scheme as long as said scheme does not limit how the end user will be able to view and manage that content.

    Between this and the Digital Economy Bill, the idea of FairUse and the rights of the consumer seem to have been forgotton.

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