Remember XStreamHD the satellite delivered whole home entertainment system I chatted with a CES? Well if you want a system they are taking reservations now. Their system works by delivering HD movie content and games via a satellite and then distributing then content around the home with a media streamer unit. When I saw a demo at CES I thought the UI was very nice but I wasn’t totally sold on the delivery mechanism, I think back to what TV Tonic where doing in 2006 where there content was trickled down over the Internet at night seems a better way given that internet speeds are increasing all the time.

The systems will start rolling out in April and you can sign up and reserve your solution with a $25 deposit (yes its US only).

Do you think this is a good solution? Or is expensive satellite delivery the wrong direction to go? A well designed Media Center system would be a lot cheaper and offer the same kind of functionallity

XStreamHD say:

We are now taking advance orders of XStreamHD, our revolutionary whole home entertainment solution. This award-winning system gives you unparalleled access to Blu-ray quality digital entertainment content throughout your home. With XStreamHD, your family will be able to enjoy the latest movies, music and electronic games – in Full HD (1080p) video and up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio – across your home network.

One thought on “XStreamHD ready for pre-order”
  1. Broadband delivery systems might be fine at the connection speeds available in the cities and suburbs, but rural areas in the US struggle to find cost effective service providers for broadband.

    I live in a rural area but have a wireless broadband provider. My average connection speed is barely able to maintain 1.0 Mbps download so HD content thru the internet is not feasible.

    Satellite delivery service then becomes the only real option for rural residents. However, I am not convinced that XStreamHD has the appropriate solution either. I don’t need another satellite dish on my house and it isn’t clear to me on the total cost.

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