Engadget have some more Windows Mobile 7 rumours. Apparently the OS will be called Windows Phone 7, have a Zune like UI and will not have multitasking, instead apps will pause when they are in the background but it will have a notification service.

As I have said before the Zune HD UI  is very slick and all it really needs is a phone radio in it to make it a great phone and it sounds like this is the track Microsoft are taking.  Lack of Multitasking is an interesting limitation, it seems like Apple’s model of being single tasking is the way Microsoft want to go and its they way the Zune HD works (I find opening and closing apps on the Zune HD slow) and it looks like a good user experience is favoured over flexibility.

If the Engadget story is true then the new phone will have "very clean," "soulful," and "alive” UI, which sounds great and if there is better integration with the Windows via the Zune software then they could be on to a winner. It will also be interesting to see what the developer story is, I would love to be able to develop apps for it via Visual Studio as I have never been able to get on with the Eclipse environment for Android or the Mac centric iPhone development

I just hope when WinMo 7 is announced it lives up to the expectations, Microsoft need to make a device and eco-system that makes it a viable alternative to iPhone and Android.

We will have to wait until the Mobile World Congress Feb 15th to see if the rumours are correct

2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Zune-like UI, no multitasking?”
  1. Hmmm , no multi-tasking ? Seems a backward step somehow. Surely a smarter scheduler is the way to go ?

    Sometimes i wish these guys would go dig out their old Amiga A1000’s and see how it can be done in a light weight enviroment.

  2. The UI sounds promising. Re:Multitasking, pausing the background application seems fine in the vast majority of cases. I hope to learn more about that notification service.

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