Ever wanted to track your UPS or FEDEX  packages in Windows Media Center? Well you can with My Tracker for Windows Media Center, you can track using the tracking number directly in Media Center and it works with Extenders too, very handy for tracking your latest gadget delivery!

The app comes from  mcezone.com and is free to download from MadeforMediaCenter.com


My Tracker for MCE will allow you to track UPS and FEDEX packages within Windows Media Center. You can enter tracking numbers by using the desktop keyboard, onscreen keyboard or remote control with the triple tap method. Every tracking number you enter is stored so you never have to type the same tracking number more than once. You can also delete tracking numbers by selecting the desired number. When you select the number it will appear in the textbox then you can press the Delete button to remove it from the program. This plug-in is completely 100% compatible with Xbox 360.

Made for Media Center

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