S1Digital Launches Blu-ray changer for Media Center and WHS

S1Digital have launched a 100 disc Blu-ray changer for their Entertainment Server, it works with My Movies and can be used to to rip Blu-ray’s or DVDs to a Windows Home Server. If you have a lot of movies to archive then this may be a good solution. Details from S1Digital:


S1Digital Blu-ray changerS1Digital continues to grow its digital entertainment ecosystem with the introduction of a Blu-ray Disc Changer.

Today we announced the launch of the S1Digital Blu-ray Disc Changer. The changer can hold 100 discs and seamlessly integrates with any S1Digital Entertainment Server or Media Center.

When connected to an S1Digital Media Center (or any third party Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista PC that includes media center) you’ll be able to load up to 100 Blu-ray and/or DVD movies into the S1Digital Bly-ray Disc Changer. Using the included My Movies software, each disc will be scanned and metadata and cover-art automatically downloaded to the server. Once catalogued, you can view more information about the movie, or watch the movie by selecting the appropriate cover-art, which is all available on the familiar and easy-to-use media center interface. The changer is simple to use and enables almost instant access to movies without having to physically find and load each movie. (Please note that this feature will be available soon).

MyMoviesWhen connected to an S1Digital Entertainment Server (or any third party Windows Home Server), you’ll be able to automatically archive your Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs to the server*. With the included My Movies for WHS software, every movie and audio disc will automatically be stored on the hard drive, catalogued and metadata and cover-art will be downloaded. As each movie or album is stored, it is immediately available on your home network from any S1Digital Media Center (or other PCs and certain media streaming devices) for playback.

A typical Blu-ray disc can take an hour or more to archive. With our solution, you simply load up the changer and hit go. You don’t have to load each disc one by one. The changer will automatically move from disc to disc so you don’t have to worry about spending days manually storing movies and music.

The S1Digital Blu-ray Disc Changer is currently shipping and available for an MSRP of $1499 from this link.

Dealer and reseller enquiries are welcome by contacting [email protected] or by calling (201) 402-1920.

* Note: Non copy protected discs only – copy protected discs cannot be legally copied

Please note that we the changer cannot be returned for refund once purchased.

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