Its actually hard to believe this wasn’t already a release as the beta versions have been so stable but today DVBLogic officially released DVBLInk of V2

This is the european release of the product and I am afraid our US friends will have to wait a little longer for their version but I am really pleased that DVBLogic have made it to this release point. They have worked amazingly hard on this and deserve the reward of the new purchasers I am sure they will be getting for this product.

I was expecting pricing to be around 50 euros for the TVSource + Network pack which as you only have to pay for one of each license and don’t have to pay for client licences didn’t seem unreasonable to me but DVBLogic have suprised me with what they are calling connected edition. With this you can get a bundle of TVSource and the Network Pack for 40 Euros.

As ever more inofrmation over at

Official Press release:

DVBLink v2 products are released!

We are very proud to announce release of our DVBLink v2 products:
– DVBLink TVSource
– DVBLink for IPTV
– DVBLink for Dreambox
– DVBLink Server Network Pack

New version of DVBLink products has a huge list of improvement and new features comparing to the previous version. Almost every aspect of the program is improved – new easy-to-use user interface, improved reliability, compliance to UAC rules, increased number of supported tuner cards, network streaming to other MediaCenter computers to name just a few.

We would like to thank all our alpha and beta testers for their valuable input.

All DVBLink source products – DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for IPTV and DVBLink for Dreambox – are available as Regular and Connected editions. Connected edition includes bundled DVBLink Server Network Pack and saves 20% of the price comparing to products purchased separately.

The retail price of Regular edition of DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for Dreambox, DVBLink for IPTV and DVBLink Server Network Pack is 25 euros.
The retail price of DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for Dreambox and DVBLink for IPTV Connected edition is 40 euros.
The prices include all future product updates.

Owners of v1 of DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for IPTV and DVBLink for Dreambox can upgrade to Regular edition of these products for free.

DVBLink v2 products are available for download from Download section of our website:

Installation and configuration manual is included with each product installation zip file.

If you are running v1 of these products you have to uninstall them before installing v2 products. Owners of DVBLink TVsource v1 can save tvsourcesettings.xml of their sources and copy it to the correspondent directories of new sources. It will restore scanned channels and channel numbers. The channel selection and EPG mapping however has to be done again.

If you are running beta of DVBLink v2, use bat files, enclosed in zip archive for update. This will update your binary files and will keep all your scanned channels and preferences.
Update the DVBLink Server first, followed by update of the installed products and network clients. You will have to enter again server IP address or host name after client update!


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