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On the Boxee blog they have details of the latest beta of the media software. There are no new features but there is a huge list of improvements but, don’t forget you can integrate Media Center with Boxee by installing the Boxee launcher for Windows Media Center

Details from the blog:

  • Boxee WMCMultilingual keyboard support: under settings->appearance->region to add keyboards
  • Significantly improved video quality of our DXVA support
  • Regained support for older graphics cards (pre-2.0 pixel shader) which was broken after move to DXVA
  • Improved file scanning performance
  • Hardware acceleration of H.264 on Intel HD4500 cards
  • Hang on FLAC tag read over SMB
  • SMB crashes when canceling SMB operations
  • Hang on shutdown due to wait for SMB and file scanner
  • Hang in file scanner when manually scanning a folder
  • Hangs due to excessive locks around database pool
  • Hangs when left idle due to UDP sockets leak
  • Corrupted graphics on some ATI cards (X1600)
  • Log file cycling (every 32M, old log overrides boxee.old.log)
  • Present action dialog when clicking on DVD icon to allow browse/eject
  • Optimization to file scanning making it less IO intensive
  • Fixes to iPhone remote keyboard under Linux
  • Added support for m4b playback (audio books)
  • Crash in ID3 tag reading (playback and background scanning of some mp3 files)
  • Crash in some wav files which contained extra-info in the wav header (playback and background scanning)
  • Crash on some rss feeds caused by mis-parsing of empty http headers
  • Crash on image extraction from mp3 tags (in some cases)
  • win32: fixed runtime error in some cases where vc90 runtime was not installed properly
  • Dual screen issues. sometimes a movie would only show black screen when switching screens.
  • Allow apps to define properties for rtmp streaming
  • Playback of some internet video streams, mainly coming from playlists (partial read of the network buffer was causing wrong codec detection)
  • Playlist playback of internet video streams was sometimes using the music player instead of the video player
  • Playback of music from history (was not working and now it will open the folder played from)
  • Logout was broken enabling logging-in even after password change (was using stored cookie)
  • Win32: when launching boxee while another instance is running it will just bring the other instance to front

Download the new version from

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