Like Hulu with no restrictions

image Hulu is fantastic, unless of course you happen to not live in the US then it’s a chocolate teapot unless of course you use a VPN to make the service think you’re in the US.  The name “geotarding” has been applied.  TV Gorge have currently overcome this and have lots of shows available for free online streaming.

It’s TV hell either, the lineup includes:

  • The current series of 24 (and previous series)
  • 30 Rock
  • CSI (xyz)
  • Chuck
  • V

In fact there are lots and lots and lots of available shows, and the quality is pretty good.  The site requires flash, no shock there, an seems quite snappy.  I can’t find anything on the site that indicates that it’s not got agreements in place with content providers, but I do wonder if this will get geotarded soon.

[via Download Squad (who rock)]

3 thoughts on “Like Hulu with no restrictions

  1. My thought exactly. hope Martin is reading.

    This is a really good service although I did have some vide quality issues this morning but still watchable.

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