Again I am incredibly impressed by how quick DVBLogic are in their customer service. A couple of issues affecting a very few people have already been fixed and in one case I know of in less than a day of being reported.

DVBLogic have bundled these fixes into two releases

DVBLink TVSource v2.0.1

This version contains the following fixes and updates:
– Fix for FireDTV/FloppyDTV cards that unable to find services during scan
– Fix for Terratec cards, where DVBLink prevents system from going to standby
– Potential fix for all other tuner cards, reporting “0 services found” during channel scan
– Experimental simple diseqc implementation for Hauppauge sat tuners (let us know whether it works for you)

Only DVBLink TVSource was updated to a new version. There is no need to update DVBLink Server if you are running release version of it. Note: DVBLink Server is not the same as DVBLink  Server Network Pack below

This update is not critical, meaning that if your DVBLink TVSource installation works and you do not have any of the symptoms described above, you probably do not need this update.

DVBLink Server Network Pack v2.0.1

Fixes from the previous version:
– Fixed picture break-up and stuttering in MediaCenter on network clients.

The symptoms are that beta version 2.0.0003 of DVBLink used to work good on network clients, while RC1 and release version did not. Also playback was ok in MediaPlayer via UPNP, while it was stuttering in MediaCenter.
If you have these symptoms – you need to upgrade your DVBLink Server Network Pack installation to this new version.


All in all more great work from DVBLogic. Full info over at the forums at


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