If you have Sky HD and the latest guide software which most, if not all boxes now have, you can get access to ITV1 HD. Not sure why it is not part of the Sky channel line up to start with, something legal somewhere I would guess but if you follow this guide you can get it.

ITV HDHit the TV guide button on the remote
Scroll along the top menu and select the Options menu
Select the Add Channels menu
Scroll down so ‘Frequency’ is highlighted – then hit the red button and change the GHz to ‘11.427’
Change the polarisation to ‘H’
Symbol rate (Mbaud) = 27.5
FEC = 2/3
Then hit the yellow button to ‘Find Channels’
ITV HD is channel 10510 – add that and save it.
To watch ITV HD, you need to go back to the ‘Options’ menu; ‘Other Channels’ and select 10510. And there you go!

Not as simple as it should be but it’s worth it as I am watching Preston v Chelsea in HD right now and they also show their Champions League games in HD too.

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