Over at the DVBLogic forums (www.dvblogic.com) Oberon has just posted about DVBLINK RC 1.
The first line amused me. Looks like they have fixed some of the things that people have been asking for. I am pleased with the “default recorder” and the RTP streaming should certainly help with the bandwidth usage. For netbook users being able to resize the configuration dialogue will help a lot.
Bit worried about the ITV HD comment though (see edit below) and I will need to check if there is any US standard support. (EDIT: No extra US support in this release)
(EDIT: I have now installed this and everything went very smoothly. One thing to note the default recorder option is in the DVBLink configuration under extras on the Media Center – easy to miss when updating as you never go there in the update process)
Anyway here is Oberon’s post:
The fact that it is RC now does not mean that there are no bugs in it šŸ™‚ It simply means that there will be no big features added before release.
What is new/fixed since 2.0.0003:
– Added RTP support for streaming. This should improve playback performance on unstable/weak networks. It is important to mention here that not all routers and switches support multicast (especially the old ones). Please check the specs of your network hardware if you have no signal using RTP.
– Added option for one of the MediaCenters to be a “default recorder”. In practice it means that channel requests from this MediaCenter are guaranteed to succeed by DVBLink Server (even at the cost of other connected clients).
– Fixed the issue where sometimes channels where not found during scan (however DVBViewer does find them).
– Fixed the “No TV Signal” issue for server computer having more than one connected network card
– Fixed Terratec synergy not finding channels in v2.0.0003
– Fixed DVBLink TVServer not working after server has been in standby
– Made DVBLink configuration dialog resizeable

The RC1 (version 2.0.0004) consists of the following products:
– DVBLink TVSource
– DVBLink for Dreambox
– DVBLink for IPTV
– DVBLink Server Network Pack

If you are running v1 of any of the enclosed products you have to uninstall them before installing this RC1 version.

If you are running previous beta of DVBLink v2, uninstall DVBLink Server Network Pack from the server computer before update! Do not worry – it will not erase you channel configuration on the server or on the clients. You will simply have to install DVBLink Network Pack again once update of the DVBLink Server and DVBLink products is completed.
Use bat files, enclosed in zip archive for update. This will update your binary files and will keep all your scanned channels and preferences.
Update the DVBLink Server first, followed by update of the installed products and network clients. You will have to enter again server IP address or host name after client update!

If you are installing this version from the scratch you need to install DVBLink Server first (DVBLinkServer.msi), reboot your computer when prompted and proceed with source product installation afterwards.

— DVBLink TVSource —

Download DVBLink TVSource v2.0.0004 here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … Source.zip

— DVBLink For Dreambox —

Download DVBLink For Dreambox v2.0.0004 here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … 2ForDB.zip

— DVBLink For IPTV —

Download DVBLink For IPTV v2.0.0004 here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … orIPTV.zip

— DVBLink Server Network Pack —

If you would like to watch TV on Network computers, running Windows MediaCenter or on UPNP clients you need to install DVBLink Server Network Pack.
The zip file contains two installers:
– DVBLinkNetworkPack.msi. This file has to be installed on the machine where DVBLink Server runs. Simply launch the installer and follow the steps of the wizard. Installer will restart DVBLink Server at the end of installation so that your server is ready for use. There is nothing specific that has to be configured on the server side to use Network Pack.
– DVBLinkNetworkClient.msi. This file has to be installed on each network computer(s) where you would like to use MediaCenter to watch DVBLink channels. Launch installer, follow wizard’s steps and reboot computer once finished. Upon computer restart launch DVBLink Client Configuration, enter IP address or network name of the computer where DVBLink Server runs and press Ok. After that launch MediaCenter, do TV Setup and synchronize DVBLink channels in the usual way. Once finished you can watch DVBLink TV channels in this MediaCenter.

DVBLinkNetworkClient.msi is not required for UPNP clients to work. So if you plan to watch TV using only software UPNP clients (MediaPlayer 12 or Nero or …) there is no need to install DVBLin Network Client on this PC.

Download DVBLink Server Network Pack v2.0.0004 here:
http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … etPack.zip

— Installation and configuration manual —
Short version of installation and configuration manual is available here (with the comments of GarryWMA):
http://thedigitallifestyle.com/cs/blogs … osted.aspx

— Things to pay attention to —
– We have re-written PSI parser for this release candidate. Although it was thorougly tested by us we would appreciate your feedback. Please pay attention to the following: channels, which were once found during the scan, are not found anymore, HBO HD channel not working, ITV channel not working at all.

– Although extremely rare, we still observe sometimes lock-up of the server on channel change or stop streaming. We have added extra logging to this version to be able to pin-point it. If you have this issue, please set log level of the server to Info and, once ity happend again, send the dvblinkserver.log to us.


Edit: I queried ITV HD with Oberon and got this reply: ITV is definitely supported. What I wanted to write is that if it is not working for one or another reason it might be because of re-written parser. If this is the case we will fix it.

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