CES has past for another year so I thought I would post some photos from the event:

Steve Ballmer’s Keynote

IMG_2174IMG_2181 IMG_2193 IMG_2199


Lenovo’s Q110 nettop PC has full 1080p support and HDMI (prices user $200)

IMG_2216 IMG_2216 IMG_2222

Lenovo had lots of all in one PCs on show

IMG_2218 IMG_2221 

Microsoft’s booth

IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2230


IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2294

Acer PC with Ceton quad CableCARD tuner, Dell Media Center

IMG_2225 IMG_2227 IMG_2228

Intel’s Display was impressive with lots of small devices and an amazing touch wall

 IMG_2236 IMG_2231  IMG_2237

I saw an interesting remote control that had dual touchpads so you could use it as a multi-touch controller for Windows

IMG_2243  IMG_2316

Touch PCs where all over


3D was everywhere, here Nvidia were showing 3D gaming

IMG_2256 IMG_2257

There were some unusual form factors

 IMG_2258 IMG_2259 IMG_2261 



There were plenty of eReaders around


Boxee Box and software looked good

IMG_2274  IMG_2276 IMG_2287


HD Homerun

IMG_2308 IMG_2309 IMG_2311

Ford Sync

 IMG_2318 IMG_2319 IMG_2321  

Arcsoft 3D display

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