To wrap up the year we’ve recorded a short show for everyone. We would like to thank all of the listeners for tuning in to the first 21 shows of the TDL Mobile Podcast. Hopefully we can continue to deliver through 2010 and beyond. Happy holidays to all. Catch you in 2010!


Show Notes
iPhone 3G most used phone in the US, but RIM and LG have more market share than Apple
Nook gets update 1.1.0 improves performance (video)
iPhone caught us napping, say Microsoft.  W7 Mobile not ready until very late 2010?
N900 Unboxing
ETFs Without Hardware
iPhone app developers making $1m per month
iPhone coming to Vodafone UK on 14 Jan 2010
More O2 Outages
Intel launches next-gen Atom chip for netbooks
Google Phone to be followed by Google netbook?
No need for app stores with mobile Firefox?
An app: to pick the best app
New Pre coming at CES alongside the new WebOS?

App of the Week
Santa’s Rush for iPhone


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