m4mc_orb[1]I have just completed a fairly big update to MadeforMediaCenter.com (the app store for Windows Media Center). As well as having a new look and feel there is extra information for each application such as supported platforms and whether the app works on Extenders. We have about 1000 users registered now and are adding more applications all the time (we still need to get more developers to submit their application)

We are also launching Made for Media Center logos for applications have have been approved via the app store. We hope developers can use this to show their apps have been installed, tested and are available in the app store including the 10 foot version of the site which a beta version should be out soon.

Here are the top 3 downloads since launch:

  1. TunerFreeMCE
  2. TDL Reader Beta
  3. My Movies 3

TDL Reader got a bit of a head start as it was the first app in the store but in the December stats TunerFreeMCE and My Movies are doing very well. You can keep up to date with news on the app store by following 4MediaCenter on Twitter.

Thanks to everybody that has registered and a big thanks to the developers supporting the project, look out for the Media Center addin soon

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