We are close to having a beta ready of the MadeforMedia Center.com Media Center addin so I thought I would post some screenshots of it. The 10 foot addin enables you to browse the Windows Media Center app store and install application all from Windows Media Center. First you create your account via the website,then install the addin and your ready to browse and download Media Center apps without leaving Windows Media Center

Here are screenshots to wet your appetite:

m4mc1 m4mc2 m4mc3 m4mc4 m4mc5

Lookout for a beta soon

0 thoughts on “MadeforMediaCenter 10 Foot UI”
  1. Looks good. Great example too πŸ˜‰

    To improve this, I think you should use the publisher name, not the publisher username (i.e. MillieSoft not millmore), and I think you should have images at 16:9, not 3:4.


  2. Brilliant thanks Ian and I do think this is really amazing and just what Media Center needs – now all you need is for MS to preload it πŸ™‚

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