Here at TDL we have published quiet a bit of info on Play To in Windows 7 including building the Play To wiki (which still needs your contributions) and its still one of my favourite features of Windows 7. On Microsoft’s On10 blog Sarah Perez has put together a guide on how to use Play To and Remote Media Streaming. I think the remote media streaming feature is not that well know but once you set it up is very cool

There are a couple of new features in Windows 7 that help you liberate the multimedia content from your PC and stream it to other devices around your home. You can even stream to your laptop no matter where you are in the world – all you need is an internet connection to do so. The two features that enable these capabilities are “Play to” and “Remote Media Streaming.” Since they both do similar things, you may be confused as to how to turn each feature on or configure its settings. But the steps are actually quite simple, just follow the instructions below.
“Play to” is the feature that lets you stream media like music, photos, and videos from your Windows 7 PC to other devices connected to your home network. These can include audio/video systems, other PCs, your Xbox 360, and more. (The Digital Lifestyle blog started a wiki of supported devices – feel free to add to it!)

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