Last week on [tmcs] we talked about DVBLink and this week I will be talking with the developers of DVBlink about the new version. So I was really pleased to see a great guide on how to use DVBLink with a HDPVR over on

Garry talked about using DVBLink with a HDPVR last week enabling him to record content from Virgin Media set top boxes and the guide on Geektonic will take you step by step through setting it up and of course its not just for Virgin boxes it will work with most set top boxes.

Here are the steps I used to obtain DirecTV HD using Windows 7 MCE, but you should be able to use any Set Top Box.  The Hauppauge HDPVR will record from your set top box to an h.264 wtv file.  At the moment the Xbox 360 is the only MCE extender that can play video produced by the HDPVR.  Most of the instructions taken from the 1geek1tool wiki.

Good work guys!

via GeekTonic

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