If you got a new PC or Windows Home Server for Christmas here are a some videos I have recorded over the last year that may just interest you. They should help you get the most out of your systems or maybe inspire you to start a new Media Cente based project

First if you have a new Windows 7 PC and want to get start recording TV on it checkout How to get TV on the PC. If want to connect up your PC to your TV then see what you can do in Using a Small Form Factor PC as a Media Center System

If you have Windows Home Server and Windows 7 then you will love the integration between the two platforms, I am using the Archive TV feature to automatically move recorded TV to my Windows Home Server and earlier this year I looked at Power Pack 3 for Windows Home Server which brings the products much closer together: First look at Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (beta) Windows Media Center Addin

Other video that may be of interest are Windows 7 running with a DVB-T HD Homerun, Freesat Running on Windows Media Center with Windows 7, Niveus ZONE unboxing and first impressions and there is a selection of unboxing videos including the Zune HD and AV Dock

If you have any suggestions for new videos let me know

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