Oberon just posted this over at the DVBLogic Forums – shame that the Network Functionality hasn’t made it yet but the appropriate word is yet. Network BDA drivers coming soon. Having said that the new release already improves an awful lot of things as mentioned below in Oberon’s post:-
Meet the second generation of MediaCenter connectivity products – introducing DVBLink v2!

We are very excited to release for public beta testing the new version of DVBLink products: DVBLink Server and DVBLink TVSource.
DVBLink v2 has a lot of improvements and new things comparing to v1. Just to name a few:
– Simplified and unified user interface
– UAC compatibility
– Server side channel management
– Simplified MediaCenter channel synchronization

Just try it for yourself to see what it can do!

Several of things to know before you start testing our new DVBLink version:
– Network functionality – upnp server and network BDA drivers – is not included in this first beta release.
– DVBLink v2 cannot be installed on the same machine where DVBLink v1 is already installed. You need to uninstall it first.
– There are no tools now to migrate your channels from DVBLink1 to DVBLink2. You will have to re-synchronize the channels in MediaCenter (you may however copy your tvsourcesettings.xml to restore your scanned channels)
– There are no user manuals. It is done on purpose to see where the interface has to be improved.
– There are no controls to stop/start DVBLink Server. They are not needed anymore – just let DVBLink Server run. You may consider restarting it from the Control Panel only if things really go wrong.
– Do not turn off UAC. This version of DVBLink is compatible with it and will ask you kindly whenever it needs administrator rights
– You may configure all DVBLink tuners at once during TV Setup in MediaCenter
– Although we have spent quite some time testing it there still can be (and will be) bugs in the new products. So we do not recommend these installation for mission critical setups (the one that your wife is using for example :-))

The DVBLink TVSource v2 can be downloaded here:

http://www.dvblogic.com/download/DVBLin … Source.zip


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  1. Well as I said in the Podcast the current version is lasting several days without a power cycle for me. I do however have it on its own USB host controller which definitely helps. I know that isn’t the case for everyone and it does seem to be dependent on when you put your HDPVR – although officially there is only one version.

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