We are really sorry for the late release of this weeks TDL Mobile, technical difficulties this week have meant that I have been unable to join the show due to my broadband connection at home being down since last Friday but Sheldon has done a great job of manning the fort and rounds up this weeks mobile news.


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00:00 – Paid for Apps live in the WebOS Store
01:20 – Palm Pixi to Launch in the US on Oct 20
02:30 – T-Mobile Pulse now Available – First UK PAYG Android phone
04:30 – Sony Satio hitting Vodafone in the UK on Oct 13
06:20 – Sprint HTC Hero
08:20 – Kindle to launch internationally
12:30 – Apple iTablet coming Q1 2010?!
14:15 – 3G VoIP coming to iPhone on AT&T
17:30 – Adobe and mobile devices – clarify their iPhone position
19:30 – iPhone and Android phones on the rise at the expense of Symbian & WinMo
20:45 – MS moves My Phone from Beta to full release
22:15 – Zune to launch services across other platforms? (via Ian D)
23:40 – Pure Sensia – Somewhere between clock radio and computer

App of the week

25:40 – PixUp (when using picasa for RSS & WiFi enabled Picture Frames)

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