With all the excitement over here in the UK about the integration of Sky Player into Media Centre – which I have to say does look extremely well done particularly the integration into the guide – I got to thinking about slow cogs moving at big business. Most people seem to be assuming that this was a suprise and unexpected announcement but in fact, if we had believed Bill Gates, we would have known this was coming. For Mr Gates told us Sky’s forthcoming online service would be integrated into media center way back at CES in 2006.

So when you are dark in despair about nothing happening with your favourite speculated future feature for Media Center, remember this:-  the wheels may move very slowy and take a while to pick up momentum but the wheel’s of Media Center development do move.

Momentum seems to be building… I suspect we have seen nothing yet!

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  1. I didn’t realise Sky Player was coming to Media Center I thought it was only for the XBOX 360 dashboard. When is it being released for Media Center 7 ?

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