I had an email pop in today from CableJive.com about two new iPod synch cables “duraSync is the world’s toughest sync cable for iPod and iPhone, and xlSync is an extra-long sync cable for iPod and iPhone”

This reminded me of a blog post I had been meaning to write for a while….

Like many of us now my car comes with an iPod dock and purely for that reason I got my self a cheap iPod Nano.

Now this worked great except it wouldn’t charge in the dock. It turns out that this was one of the newer iPods that only has USB power. Guess what the dock was an older design which used firewire. Fortunately after much research I cam across CableJive.com and their Charge Converter product http://www.cablejive.com/charge-converter#car-charge-kit which basically takes the firewire power feed and turns it into usb. CableJIve are upfront and say it doesn’t work for all docks and there are some caveats on the site. Fortunately it did work for my Pioneers dock (they didn’t have the warnings about Pioneer radios up then) and very well.

One other thing that CableJive has is an adaptor to turn an iPod dock into a universal dock so you can for example plug your zune into a set of iPod speakers (or even your media center – ok that is stretching things a bit and was dragging on topic kicking and screaming :-))

Garry Whittaker – The DigitalLifestyle.com

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