While I was away last week I got notice I had been re-awarded a Windows Media Center MVP by Microsoft. This is my 4th year as an MVP and its great to be part of the Windows Media Center community. Times are changing and the way we interact with media is changing and I aim to reflect that in the content on TDL.

I am looking to get some new content on TDL related to the digital lifestyle that is not necessarily just Windows Media Center, so I am looking for writers or podcasters interested in the digital lifestyle to join TDL and contribute to the site

Of course I will be keeping my focus on Windows Media Center and other Microsoft technology like Zune and Windows Home Server and I am looking forward to see what the next 12 months will bring

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  1. Well done Ian you really deserve it, the amount of effort you put into this site is amazing.

    If the site is diversifying it’d be great to see articles on consuming media through Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (a review of Play TV perhaps including how that works with the PSP and using the PSP to consume media remotely from the PS3?)

  2. Yes very well deserved!

    I am looking forward to seeing the results of your ideas to expand the focus of The Digital Lifestyle.

  3. Ian, great work getting to this point, and an interesting idea for the future of this blog/site.

    I think there’d be a few of us upstarts who’d be interested in providing some ongoing content regarding the Mac Mini-as-HTPC experience. I’m a recent convert after years of slavish devotion to WMC/VMC, and I wouldn’t say I’m starry-eyed about the Mac Mini HTPC (I’m struggling to make it “just right”), but there’s definitely some serious potential here.

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