Using Media Center Studio you can edit the Media Center Start Menu strips and icons. If you want to move the new Netflix and Internet TV icons to a custom menu strip you can!

Create a new custom menu or use an existing custom menu such as the one My Movies creates.

In this case I just created a new custom menu called custom menu.

Then move Promo (Movies1) for Netflix and Promo (Browse TV) for Internet TV to your custom menu strip. Save the changes in Media Center Studio.


Open Media Center and the Netflix and Internet TV icons should now appear on your custom menu strip.


Thanks to Advent for the tip about using the promo tiles.

2 thoughts on “How to move the Netflix & Internet TV 7MC start menu icons”
  1. I’ve just tried moving the Netflix icon to the My Movies 3.0 custom menu that doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

  2. Hmm seems you can’t move these promo icons to the My Movies 3.0 menu strip:

    The below is from Advent regarding MC Studio.

    “The My Movies strip would be a registry-based custom strip, which can only accept registry-based tiles – the promo tiles are native tiles and so are not accepted.

    Basically, Media Center Studio can only add native tiles to custom strips that you create with Media Center Studio. So you can create a new custom strip with Media Center Studio, then drag all the tiles from the My Movies strip onto the new custom one, and then you should be able to add whatever you want.”

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