Welcome to TDL Mobile Show #9 for Tuesday 29th September 2009.

This week Jon and Sheldon take a look at the new Microsoft tablet as well as the HTC Leo and round up the latest mobile news.


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00:50 – TDL Mobile Survey
01:55 – Project Pink a Reality?
05:40 – Microsoft Tablet – The Courier. Awesome Video Here
09:30 – MS confirm any version of W7 can be installed on netbooks
13:00 – iPhone 3G & 3GS coming to Orange in the UK
18:35 – iPhone and Windows Mobile get the (Gmail) Push
21:35 – TomTom release car kit (with some confusion)
24:05 – MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T
26:20 – Acer A1 Android Phone coming soon
27:25 – Archos Android Phone Tablet introduced on video
29:25 – HTC HD2 (Leo) on its way
30:30 – HTC Leo’s TouchFLO 3D build demoed on video
31:50 – Pre UK launch confirmed
33:50 – Vodafone picks a Linux-phone
36:55 – Samsung 12MP camera phone with 3x Optical Zoom to launch in Korea
41:40 – Samsung Trill and Caliber to US Cellular
43:50 – Cloud Computing Gathers steam with mobile

App of the week

48:20 – Open Table on Android
49:45 – Dan Brown – The Lost Key E-Book

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