TDL Mobile presented by Show #8 for Tuesday 22nd September.

This week Jon and Sheldon take a look at the last news in the mobile world including news from Windows Mobile 6.5, Motorola and Apple.


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01:15 – AT&T to service Apple’s fabled tablet?
04:50 – iPhone 3.1 Issues
09:05 – Some Support from apple for iPhone developers – a bit random though
12:30 – Google: “Apple rejected Google Voice App”.  Apple: “Still under Review”
15:20 – Google Voice app on Palm WebOS
17:25 – Palm: WebOS only, no more Windown Mobile
18:20 – Opera Mini gets facelift, sprouts tabs
20:45 – AT&T, Sprint, Verizon all signed up for WinMo 6.5 launches on October 6
23:50 – Motorola DEXT promised to Orange UK in early October, free on contract
26:10 – Motorola – 10 more Android handsets to follow DEXT?
29:10 – LG Chocolate Now on O2 and Orange
31:00 – London Buses AR App
34:00 – Jose first impressions on HTC Hero
34:15 – Jon got to play with a HTC Hero also

App of the week
37:50 – Pandora finally on Android
38:00 – PlugPlayer DLNA App on iPhone

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