I have only had the unit for a couple of hours so I have not had any time to play around with the Zune and I will be doing an “first impressions” video soon but I wanted to do a quick post on my initial impressions of the HD.

After taking it out of the box my first impression is how small and light the unit it. Its easily half the thinness of my Zune 30 or the G1 phone and is extremely light. It feels well made not at all cheap and with the curved back it is nice to hold.

The screen is fantastic, very bright and works at almost any angle. There are only 3 buttons on the Zune HD, menu, power and a button on the side that brings up the volume and transport controls. One strange design choice is the headphone port is located at the bottom where as the original Zune had it at the top which seems to make more sense.

So from a hardware point of view its a very good design, now to the Zune firmware. The Zune UI has always been pretty good but the HD really takes it to a new level, its very fast and responsive. You will have to watch the video for a good look at it but I can say the touch screen is very nice and its multi-touch. For viewing pictures the Zune HD is great, the auto rotate is very fast and its great being able to swipe through pictures. I have only got a few music tracks on it so far but it works great and as you would expect its very visual much less list based that the old Zune.

I have not tried the marketplace or internet yet but I did try some applications. So far there are only games, weather and a calculator app but nothing compelling on there yet

I have a AV Dock so I will try connecting it up to my TV via HDMI and I will record some video of that too

So my first impression is of a very polished well made device with a great screen and a good OS, it looks like there are some missed opportunities like DLNA support but they could be added later.

All it really needs is a SIM card slot and you would have really powerful phone. Its hard to believe that Windows Mobile and the Zune come from the company!





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