Wikitude on the G1 is a great application, I really like how it overlays the local info over the camera view. Now the developers are working on a Navigation system that could leave traditional style Sat Navs looking very old fashioned. Wikitude Drive overlays navigation info over the camera view with a “fully-functional, light weight navigational system which overlays point-to-point directions on a camera-view, without the need for maps”

Checkout the video demo, it should be out soon for Android and the iPhone

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  1. Its called Augmented reality, Click on BBC have been talking about the technology and what it might be able to offer in the future in their last two shows. Think it’s going to be a big new tech area.

    Imaging standing in some city you point your camera phone and it will tell you all sorts of things about what you are looking at, where are the nearest restaurants or tube stations, wikipedia points of interest, information about buildings and land marks all over laid on the phones camera image.

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