The Custom Integrator Show Installment 016 is live.  This installment reviews the DLNA device roles in addition to the UPnP A/V Device Control Protocols (DCP) and services we discussed previously.  We also take a look at the efforts of the UPnP Forum’s Working Committees regarding some of the new DCPs like QoS, Rendering Transforms, IGD2, Device Management, Server Side Transforms, MultiStreaming, and the newly ratified (July 14, 2009) Content Synch Services.


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Ian and I close out this installment discussing the potential for Microsoft to really move the home ecosystem forward by leveraging the DLNA platform across all of its product lines.  Now that they have embraced DLNA in Windows 7 and Windows Home Server (and hopefully the Zune HD), they have the opportunity to interoperate with a wide array of devices in the home through a standardized set of fully discoverable and self-describing interfaces.  If they can pull it off, we finally may start to realize that dream of the ultimate entertainment nirvana by not only having access to all of the content in the home from any device, but also being able to control how and when it is rendered.  If nothing else, they have the platform and associated developer tools in place to allow third party developers to take it and run with it.  I, for one, can’t wait!


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