Google's G1I want to introduce the new Mobile Blog on The Digital Lifestyle. First why start the blog? Well I have been a fan of mobile devices since I got my Apple Newton back in ‘94 and then moved on to a Palm Pilot. Where it really got interesting for me was when I got my first Casio Windows CE powered device and then going on to the Compaq iPaqs, I enjoyed Windows CE and when it became Windows Mobile and my devices had email and the internet I had the perfect device. Over the years I have continued to use Windows Mobile with various devices but the world moved on and Windows Mobile didn’t, Apple brought out the iPhone and the way we thought of mobile devices changed, when Google developed the Android operating system and Palm developed WebOS Windows Mobile looks like a tried old OS. I have got a G1 running Android and left WinMo behind, its a great OS and I love the thousands of app that can run on it.

I really hope that Microsoft can catch up soon but using Windows Mobile with a stylus is just not as user friendly as a capacitive touch screen, I can’t see WinMo 6.5 make things much better and I have high hopes that Windows Mobile 7 will be a moden OS but in the mean time I will go with other systems.

So the new TDL Mobile blog will focus on my experiences integrating Android with my systems at home and Simon May will be talking about his experiences going from Windows Mobile to a iPhone 3GS. We are going to be talking about applications, hardware and integration so look out for my first post soon and Simon has his post up already

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