You probably know that both Ian and I recently acquired new mobiles, in my case it was the iPhone 3GS and in Ian’s the G1, for both of us it’s a big departure and we both want to share our experiences, so Ian’s started this blog.  I think it’s right that I explain briefly why I’ve gone for the iPhone (and away from Windows Mobile) and I’m sure Ian’s planning to do something similar.

I want to talk a little about Windows Mobile (WinMo as I and others call it).  I LOVE this platform, for the past 10 years (and the past 5 years of my own mobility) it’s been THE best platform out there (IMHO) bar none, with the best developer community (XDA Developers rocks) and some of the most innovative applications and by far the best email solutions in both Exchange and Windows Live.  However…

I’ve been swayed to Apple by the developer community, you see unlike WinMo right now, people WANT to develop for iPhone.  It’s new, it’s cool, it’s hip and people are developing great solutions and doing it before they develop on other platforms.  I really wish that the WinMo community was in as good a shape, but I don’t see it attracting new (and therefore innovative) talent right now, when it is I’ll consider going back.

I’m not going to go into a full rundown of the iPhone right now, there are plenty of other places to get that but I will say that it’s got the best navigation of any devices I’ve ever used, and it’s the least glitchy too.  Also – so far – not a single application has borked the thing, which is a testament to the App stores quality controls around code.  The camera’s good too, the autofocus superb and the white balance that the software provides is actually way better than by camera.  My email isn’t push any longer, but it’s still quick enough for me, calendar functions are first class thanks to Exchange and with all this, and quite a bit of playing and using Tweetdeck, I’m getting a days battery life.

Eco-systems are important, and one of the things that sets the iPhone miles apart from everything else is accessories.  Everyone needs to learn that eco-systems in this space spread to hardware, not just software.  I’ve got a nice little doc on my desk, I’ll post about that soon, I’ve got a superb screen protector, and a silicone case and I’ve almost got a bedside alarm clock that will charge and play music from my phone and not one of those things other than the iPhone is made by Apple.

So I guess this is a welcome to a new part of a journey for me, trying to get the iPhone working well with Media Center and my other toys and I’ll be letting you all know about how I get on.  Fire your iPhone (iPod) tips at me in the comments, I need tips.  The final words – I HATE ITUNES, simply the worst software that I’m now forced to use.

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  1. Why do you hate ITunes? It’s not as pretty as WMP but it works well and provides a clean Excel-like track interface which is actually good for block-sorting your album collection so that its ready for WMP and therefore for Windows Media Center!

  2. Coming from WInMo (HTC Advantage, HTC Fuze, XV6700) I had hesitated to buy iPhone because there was no stereo bluetooth and no tethering. Now that these are available in iPhone, I took the bait and purchased one. At first, I was also was having problems with iTunes. But now that I’m fully into it, I find that I have more control over syncing than I did with ActiveSync and WMP. Once you get used to it, maybe you will hate it a little less (grin).

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