mobileshow[1]I want to introduce you to a new podcast from The Digital TDL Mobile, the new show focuses on the mobile lifestyle and talking about the latest news from iPhones to Android, WebOS to Windows Mobile. The show is going to be host by Jonathan Dickinson, Jose R. Ortiz, Sheldon Witney and myself and in the first show we talk about the various mobile devices we have used over time and what we are using now.

Welcome to a new show on The Digital, a show about talking your digital lifestyle mobile. The show will be looking at the latest news in mobile tech, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm OS.

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This is the first show in the series and this week Ian, Jon, Jose and
Sheldon will be giving you an introduction to the show and a taster on
what to expect during the coming weeks.

This week we give you some background on what influenced us in
creating the show and where our interests lie.

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  1. Looking forward to it!

    My contract expires around september so it might really come in handy to listen! 😉

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