MxL5007T[1]Hauppauge are working with MaxLinear to bring out TV tuners specifically designed for Netbooks and UMPCs. The mincard tuners will work with ATSC and DVB-T and it will be interesting to see Netbooks shipping with TV Tuners and Windows 7 Home Premium as Windows Media Center works well on netbooks. The problem with watching TV on notebooks and netbooks is the reliance on a TV antenna which can be less than portable.

The MxL5007T consumers 350mW of power, which MaxLinear says makes it 50% more energy efficient than most competing TV tuners.  And, you know… it’s smaller than your typical TV tuner, and easy to tuck away inside a netbook.

The only netbook available today with a built in TV tuner is the Dell Inspiron Mini 10. But it looks like we could see more soon. And that’s not surprising, as PC and peripheral makers are trying to figure out how to stuff extra features into netbooks in order to justify charging higher prices for some models, leading to higher profit margins.



2 thoughts on “Hauppauge, MaxLinear to produce TV tuners for netbooks”
  1. I don’t get this, why would you want to connect a netbook to a TV antenna. Maybe if the netbook tuner card had an ariel you could watch TV whilst roaming.

    Also the version of Windows 7 that will be pre-installed on netbooks wil be a cut down version of Windows and won’t even have media center in it more than likely.

  2. I’m with cw-kid on this one.

    I’m only willing to sign up if there is a built in antenna. Beyond that it’s extremely goofy. Might as well have sony build some more notebooks with digital cable card tuners built in again

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