So my phone can accept streams from a Wifi network , it can play music , show pictures and play films all via the Wifi network

What i want in the future
Wifi Touch screen or Tv , that connects to my network and streams all
my content , simple … why not !! my phone can do it and that is so
small it sits in the palm of my hand

Hang it on the Kitchen Wall
and the job is done , it does not have to be a monster size, it should
not have a seperate Pc running it , it should be an all in one unit

an extra add on , it could have wifi speakers, the screen looks at the
network, connects and plays back on itself or to wifi speakers ….
again this is exactly what my phone can do , i can play all media on
the phone or i can tell the phone to play audio files from a wifi
connected speaker such as the Philips WAS700

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  1. a good point Mr Duck, it is almost an Mpanel , but the device i would like is Wifi , only gets used for music,video,pictures and its cost would be under £140, the problem i see holding back alot of Media Centric harware and installation is cost, people just want to much money and make it out to be far more complex than it actually is or should be, maybe thats because the technology in the present and near past has been less than standard, i see a future where devices like this literate a home using an industry standard, need no wires for connection and can be installed with the help of DLNA and Upnp by a 10yr old

    switch on , answer some predefined questions and use

    the device should be called HOMEDIA <---- my idea so bagsy big lumps of cash if anyone else uses it

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