Connecting Nokia N95 to Windows 7 issues

For a reason I do not
understand fully my Nokia N95 wifi refused to connect to Windows 7
properly ?? The problem is now resolved but the workaround is odd

Some background
previous install of W7 on a different machine had no issues, the Wifi
part of the N95 connected to the Pc which is on a lan and running from
a Linksys wired/wireless router , the phone searched for a network
location , found the Pc running W7 and connected with no issues . A new
and later install 7100 has not had the same success on a different
computer running W7. All I wanted to test was the ability to remote
control the media player in W7 and to see if I could stream to the
phone any video file. The oddity came about because W7 was happy to see
the N95 as a media device in the network pane, but W7 simply refused to
let it connect when I searched for a network location from the phone

Poking around
reading was in order as I was getting frustrated, this should work
straight out of the box thats the point of W7 , ease of use which this
wasent, I tried many things and read many things but stil the phone
could not connect to W7, It could see the Pc running W7 and all other
networked devices but each and every time I tried to connect the phone
the n95 returned the usual `selected device rejected the operation` ??
Somewhere on the net I read that disabling homegroup was the answer and
may well be in other circumstances but this did not help me in the
slightest , firstly I lost the ability to share my content and secondly
the phone remained rejected

The solution
The solution was
finally found in the Network and Sharing Center, I selected on the left
hand side at the bottom ` Homegroup ` and this then displays the Change
homegroup settings page, I then selected half way down the `Stream my
pictures,music, and videos to all devices on my home network` check box
and saved the changes with the `save changes` at the bottom, after that
I selected in blue `Choose media streaming options` and deselected
everything I didnt want to share with, selected ok at the bottom and
finally my N95 could connect to the Pc running W7

The odvious
after doing all the above you would think that the reason the N95 could
not connect was because it was blocked in the streaming options but
infact the issue here is the N95 dosent show in the streaming options,
there is no sign of it even if i select All Networks in the `show
devices on:` drop down box, however as I said above putting a tick in
the box for `Stream my pictures,music, and videos to all devices on my
home network` and saving has had an affect on the N95`s access ?? Also
dont be fooled into thinking the `allow all` button has an affect in
the Media streaming options panel , this did not give the N95 access

am not a Cert M/soft user so my knowledge of why this happened is
limited, at a guess the allow all and stream my pictures …. Tick box
to all devices enters information differently into the registry or at
the very least into different locations but whatever the reason I now
have access to the Pc running W7 from my Nokia N95 wifi 8Gb phone

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