Just spotted a very neat little Atom N270 based system on Tranquil’s web site. You may know Tranquil as the makers of Windows Home Server boxes and this little box could be used as a Home Server or a nettop type device. It comes in three colours and can take up to 2GB of ram and up to 2TB hard disk. The starting price is £199 £119(ex VAT) and there are configurable hard disk options, I wonder if the N270 has the power to me a Media Center system? It would make a nice little project to put Windows 7 on the box and see how it handles Media Center

More details on Tranquil’s site


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  1. This could be just what I’m looking for. A small, quiet, cool running and low power kit running Windows 7 as a media center for a bedroom to access ripped DVD’s from my WHS.

    Anyone any idea of whether it will actually work before I hand over my hard earned?

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