Derek has just posted this weeks edition of The Custom Integrator Show, this week we continue on UPnP Technologies the DLNA platform built into Windows 7. If you like the show don’t forget to subscribe!

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Installment 012 of The Custom Integrator Show is live.  We continue our discussions on UPnP Technologies and the whole DLNA platform built into Windows 7.  We actually spend much of this Podcast reviewing the ADDCEP architectural model we introduced in Installment 011 (, so the text in that blog post covers the topics discussed in this Installment.  We complete the ADDCEP layers by covering the Control, Eventing, and Presentation services, but leave out most of the examples because they are more applicable to the A/V features of the DLNA platform, which we will be discussing in more detail in our upcoming Installments.

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 012

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