Better late than never! Here is the latest edition of The Custom Integrator Show. Derek and I discuss UPNP and DLNA and how these technologies work together, as ever Derek has a wealth of knowledge on this topic

This installment continues our focus on home networking by taking a look at the age old question “Now that our devices are connected together, what will they say to each other?”  We hear a lot about the Digital Living Networking Alliance (DLNA) certification for some of the new technologies built into Windows 7 like Play To and FrameIt, but what does DLNA compatibility really mean and how do the protocols actually function on the wire?  To understand this, we start by taking a look at the UPnP Technologies, which are the basis for many of the newer peer-to-peer communications services used for communicating with Internet Gateway Devices (IGDs), Digital Media Renderers, Digital Media Servers, and the like.

The Custom Integrator Show Installment 011

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