One of the most popular Media Center addons at the moment Media Browser could be going commercial. I saw on Twitter that Sam could be taking the application “for profit” but the code will remain GPL. Media Browser is a great application and it will be good to see the team get some reward for their efforts but making profit from Media Center applications can be difficult with only a small number of users prepared to pay for application.

I haven’t see official details from Sam yet but good luck to the Media Browser team if it is true


UPDATE: Sam has posted his thoughts on his blog where he talks about the dilemma of creating free software. It looks like Sam is going take a break from MB, head over to his blog and let him know your thoughts

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  1. Think the Media Browser has great potential as a free open source piece of software. But it’s configuration is a pain in the rear. What the program provides is bells an whistles. While most HTPC enthusiasts are willing to go a long way to get this functionality, I for one think this is the kind of stuff people just wont pay for.

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