I was asked quite a few questions on Tuesday at the user group meeting, so I thought a quick post to clear some up would be a good plan.

What was the laptop I was using?

It was a HP Tx2, the same one that Ian reviewed, and it’s great machine.  AMD Turion x2, multi-touch screen 3gb RAM and it’s a full Media Center, and totally capable of HD.  It’s also a tablet and yes it was running Windows 7 and touch is a fantastic laptop experience (but broken in the build I’m currently running, hence I didn’t show it off.

How did I sort out the art and info for 24 Redemption?

A little trick to make sure your meta data appears properly is to search the meta data on thetvdb.com and to rename your folders into an appropriate structure.  The Media Browser wiki is full of useful info on that one too.

Why was I giving away copies of anti-virus software that I’ve already said I dislike?

Simple, I’ve changed my mind, I’ll post about it soon but Norton Internet Security 2009 is a departure from previous versions and it fits in with my ethos for Anti-virus now, which is: I don’t care about AV, I care about using my PC.  Security software needs to do the job and do so quietly and tell me when something’s wrong, not annoy me by telling me nothings wrong.  Norton now fits nicely into this camp, it’s quiet, it works and it doesn’t eat resources any more so I can still use my PC.  Also the nice folks at Edleman (thanks Tom) let me have some copies to give away.

Why have I stopped blogging?

I had a couple of projects that took me away from it for a while, I told a couple of people about it too…

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