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We take a bit of a tangent on Installment 005 just to keep things interesting. We do continue with analyzing the subsystem components of the Windows Media Center PC itself by taking a look at several options for video. Naturally, the choices here are part and parcel with the audio requirements and implementation. Ian and I then divert a bit into looking at a product like the HP TouchSmart (http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/store_access.do?template_type=product_detail&product_code=FK783AA%23ABA&jumpid=oc_R1002_USENC-001_HP%20TouchSmart%20IQ816%20Desktop%20PC&lang=en&cc=us) and some of the obstacles an integrator might face when trying to incorporate similar products into a multi room design within the home. Some of the concepts we discuss will become the foundation for evaluating the myriad of options available when designing the infrastructure wiring and support systems in later installments.

At the time of this posting (March 2009), there are very few options available for a “real” HDMI-based audio/video solution for the Windows Media Center PCs. One of the better products out there that most OEMs are getting ready to roll out within the next three months or so is the ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 (http://www.asus.com/news_show.aspx?id=11638). They have been demonstrating this card for a while, but it is not until recently that they finally have gotten the bugs worked out. Although it appeared to work with certain content, it failed to decode the lossless codecs properly for all content types and sources. It finally is getting certification from “the powers that be” and should be available shortly.


One thought on “The Custom Integrator Show Installment 005”
  1. I am loving this show. I am currently looking to break into the Custom Integration business and would love to speak with you personally. I live in Philadelphia area. Hopefully one day we could meet.

    I know you are very big on HDMI which has been troublesome in many of my setup. I couldn’t begin to suggest Matrix HDMI switch with the experience I personally had with them. I was hoping you could offer some advice on a problem I am having now with HDMI in a setup.

    I am having a serious problem with my HDMI from my ATI Radeon 4850 -> Onkyo 606 A/V receiver -> Monoprice 1×2 switch -> Samsung 1080 RP TV and Mits 1000u FP. Every time I cut everything off with my Harmony 890 remote and then switch things back on again I have to jumps through hoops to get back to the PC desktop to come back up whenever I turn things on again. Can someone please offer some suggestions for some consistency in resolving this problem?

    HP m8010y Cablecard system
    Ahanix MCE701 case
    LG Blu-ray/HD-DVD
    3 Cable Card
    1 HDHomerun
    Vista Ultimate 32 bit
    Onkyo 606 A/V Receiver
    Monoprice 1×2 HDMI splitter
    50″ Samsung 1080p SlimFit DLP
    Mitsubushi HD1000 Front Projector

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