I should call this post sites you should absolutely, totally, emphatically go to if you are running Windows 7 Media Center in any shape or form.

This site is amazing and the sort of blog I would love to write if only my business would let me find the time. The depth and breadth of information on Hacking Windows 7 Media Center is phenomenal. From setting up new menu items, through organising your media collection to play .mkv containers natively the site really covers the ganut and covers it well.

Well written and clear, if technical, how tos, tips and tricks, and a couple of stunning 7MC themes – extremely well worth a visit.

Don’t just sit there head on over to www.Hack7mc.com


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  1. I absolutely agree! We mention it all the time on our Media Center podcast over at mediacenter.irreverentblogs.com. Michael Healy is doing a great job over there!

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