image How good is this project right now?  I’ll tell you how good, it’s starting to feel like a professional release.  Beta 9’s out and this one is focused on getting users on to Media Browser from other applications, yep focused!  And what a cool addition this is, setups now much easier, and more flexible than ever.

The big change comes in the form of the folder structure being used and the new addition of Media Browser Configuration.  It’s a small WPF app outside of Media Center to allow setup of the library to be much easier.

Updating to beta9 ( is a little different to the other betas, it needs to be downloaded from the Google code site, not just a straight upgrade form Beta 8.  The code site is here.  Install is the same old, next , next, next we all love.  On clicking finish the new configuration app opens up.

The image to the left is my Media Browser Configuration window.  This makes it really simple to add new folders into the library, and simplifies collection management quite a lot.  It’s now much easier to have the collection all over the place but bring it together for Media Browser.  A quick example, films in two folders isn’t a problem just create a MB folder called Films and add the location of multiple folders to it.

It’s a good idea to read Jas’ post on this, since there’s lots more detail there.

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