TunerFree MCE is a Media Center application that enables streaming of TV content from the like of BBC, ITV and Hulu all to the 10 foot Windows Media Center UI, You don’t need a TV tuner just an internet connection. Martin Millmore the developer of the application will be on a future edition of [tmcs] but I wanted to give an over view of it’s features so I installed it on my Samsung Netbook and recorded in action running under Windows 7. I am amazed how well it works even on the little NC10, I was watching live TV and stream TV shows from Media Center. UK users get BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five. US users get all the fantastic content available on Hulu

This video takes a look at the UI and how it runs on a Windows 7 Netbook

It’s free download from TunerFreeMCE

Download (WMV)Download (M4V)Watch via YouTube

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