Martin has just updated the excellent TunerFree MCE again and fixed a couple of things that were bugging me, like the images for ITV, in Martin’s words:

I have just released version 2.1 of TunerFreeMCE at It includes a number of improvements such as;

  • Updated the parser for the new channel 4 date format
  • Stopped blank images appearing for ITV and channel 4 when they don’t have an image to give us
  • Update ITV images even if they appear the program is first posted
  • Improved sorting so multiple programs on the same day are sorted by newest first too

I have also added an integrated version checker in to the code, so when a new version is made available, it you will get a notification straight away rather than having to wait for this mail or visit the site. When a new download is available you will get the option to download it, ignore it, or be reminded in 1 day if you don’t want to do anything about it there and then.

Finally, I get a bunch of questions like “How did you implement X” or “Can we copy your code for Y”. All of my code is available on sourceforge for people to copy from, but I thought it would be better to put some tutorials online for people to get more specific instructions and to be able to google it. I have started a blog to help people with those tips, mainly media center tips, but sometimes other nuggets too. You can find that at

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2 thoughts on “TunerFree MCE updated to version 2.1”
  1. Is there still a Windows 7 specific version for 2.1 ?

    Like there was with

    I’m not sure if I can run 2.1 on Win 7?


  2. The answer is that in principle it should work, it worked when tested but some of the bugs reported on Win 7 are a bit random. Let us know how you get on!

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