On the next Media Center show I will be talking to Chris Lanier in an interview I recorded a few weeks ago and one of the topics we talked about was why TV pack for Vista was OEM only. You can hear Chris’ thoughts on the show next week and it a interesting coincidence that Ben Drawbaugh of Engadget HD wrote a piece on by TV Pack was OEM only.  I will let you read Ben’s post for this thoughts, I think the packs aim was to add international features and the focus for general Media Center users was Windows 7.

Read Ben’s post and make your own mind up

“This got us thinking, why would Microsoft release a super buggy update to Vista with all the great functionality improvements of Windows 7?”

One thought on “The real reason why the Media Center TV pack update was OEM only?”
  1. Curious to see what Chris has to say, I think the super buggy comment by Ben is way off, but I did buy a new system with it pre-loaded, having 4 digital cable and 4 qam tuners is awesome and wouldn’t go back for anything.

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