OK… New build is up… This build changes the following:

1, Network menu is now 3 columns (this takes a few more seconds to load!  Be patient!)

2. Totally new system for auto hi-res and auto full screen… it should now work on all resolutions and all content providers (cbs, hulu, etc) NOTE: Most   videos will take at least 30-45 seconds to go full screen!  That is due to the fact that many times the flash players are not loaded and on to the movies much before that…

3. Added some content from sling.com and fancast.com (Food Network, and Marvel) to test the new full screen functions… I should be able to pull content in from ANY providers website! THIS IS VERY EXCITING!  If hulu pulls the plug on us we can still use content from other providers… like cbs, fox, sling, etc.

4. Changed the size of the font on the poster view

5. Generally cleaned some things up on the back end.




3 thoughts on “SecondRun.TV comes with yet another Build”
  1. Auto-fullscreen on all providers, that’s what I was waiting for! I’ll go back and try this one again this weekend.

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